Good cooking

In Mas dels Frares, we know that good cooking is really appreciated by our guests.

Therefore, we try to offer high quality products our breakfast. We achieve to do so thanks to the vegetables from the orchard, such as tomatoes, peppers or lettuce, and also to the animals we rear (hens, cows, ducks..). 

The combination of these elements guarantees great quality in our dishes: sliced bread with tomato spread over it (the typically Catalan "pa amb tomata") with the best sausages, stewed beef with mushrooms…

If the guests wish to have luch in the countryhouse, they may use the kitchen next to the lounge or the barbecues that can be found outside the house (depending on the weather, of course).

Whenever the guests decide to make an excursion, Mas dels Frares gives them the chance to get sandwiches or food to take away.