Mas dels Frares is divided in two sections: on the one hand, the place where the households live, and on the other hand, the rooms for the guests. The guests' side is specially designed to be a quiet space according to the visitors needs.

Outside, there is a 
terrace with comfortable chairs, which are the best place to take a rest after a long day.

Inside, a 
lounge with a TV set is the perfect way to welcome the guest.

In order to 
easily arrange your visits and routes, you will find a small room with maps of the area, as well as brochures on the most interesting places of the villages nearby.

There are overall 
five bedrooms: three of them with their own bathroom, whereas the other two have a shared bathroom.

Moreover, the guests can enjoy a 
large dinning room with fireplace, and they can also use the kitchen and the barbecues outdoors.