Mas dels Frares

Mas dels Frares (in Catalan, "Monks' country house") is an old Catalan country house which once belonged to the Dominican monks of Girona. In 1830, it was expropiated and auctioned following a state disentail.

Thoroughout the years, there were several households, who ran the property in farming tasks. It was not until 1919 that the Bahí family, country people originally established in El Pla de l'Estany, bought the house and settled there in order to turn it into an agricultural and forestal resort. As years went by, the family changed the activities in the house, though never giving up the agricultural work, the first origins of the house. In 1999, the present households started to get into rural tourism, as a way to use an abandoned part of the house.

Now, Mas dels Frares has some bovine cattle, which supplies the houselords and the guests with a small quantity of meat. We also have fields with cereals and forage, as well as little forests near the house from which we get some wood.